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Don’t Eat That! Which Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Dentures

August 22, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Chirta Naik @ 4:52 am
older man wearing dentures and smiling

Having a complete smile once again can be a welcome relief. But when trying to eat certain foods, you may find that your dentures do not create as strong of a bite as you once had. This can unfortunately result in missing out on various foods you once enjoyed. Find out what you might need to avoid during mealtime and why choosing implant dentures can give you back the biting and chewing power to eat the foods you love.

Are There Foods That Are Incompatible with Dentures?

Yes, certain foods can make eating with dentures extremely difficult if not impossible. Although this may not be something you want to hear, the reality is that these prosthetics do not deliver the same kind of bite force you once enjoyed with natural teeth.

Their attachment to your gums, which is held only in place by natural suction and denture adhesive, often lacks stability when trying to bite down on tougher foods, so you’ll likely need to avoid the following food options:

  • Steak – As delicious as it can be, its toughness can make it hard for your dentures to tear through. Also, biting down and attempting to chew can cause significant gum pain. If you’re not careful, you might accidentally dislodge your artificial teeth, which will require a meeting with your dentist. If you want to eat steak, you’ll be required to cut it up into bite-sized pieces.
  • Nuts – Snacking on various foods is fine in moderation, but nuts are likely to be a no-go. These small and tasty treats are hard and can be difficult to eat because of the one-sided chewing that is required of them. Not only can they cause damage to your teeth and dentures, but they can cause your artificial teeth to pop off because there is an uneven amount of pressure being placed on them.
  • Hard fruits or vegetables – When eaten raw, fruits and vegetables can be great for your overall health. Unfortunately, when wearing dentures, they can cause your teeth to sustain damage because of how hard they are. Biting down may prove difficult, resulting in your denture popping off. Instead, you’ll need to puree or mash them if you want to enjoy these nutrient-rich foods.

What Makes Implant Dentures Better?

There are many reasons patients choose implant dentures over more traditional ones; however, when it comes to eating, you’ll find that these permanent prosthetics deliver much greater flexibility.

When titanium posts are positioned and fused to jawbone tissues, they create a firm and solid foundation for your denture. This means that when you bite down, you can expect your artificial teeth to act just like natural ones. The reason is that the implant posts are continuously stimulated so that your bone does not weaken over time. Also, they mimic the function of regular tooth roots.

They may be costlier, but the confidence you’ll obtain with implant dentures as well as their functionality make them well worth the investment.

If you want to be able to eat the foods you love without worrying about your teeth slipping or falling out, consider a longer-lasting option – dental implants – that will allow you to enjoy family meals and friendly gatherings once again.

About the Author
Dr. Chitra Naik has more than 25 years of experience helping to improve patients’ smiles. When faced with tooth loss, individuals can rely on her expertise to rebuild and restore confidence, appearance, and function. Whether it is with dentures or dental implants, Dr. Naik and our team are here to deliver exceptional results that make it possible for all patients to live each day feeling better about their oral health and appearance. Contact us at (810) 235-5422 if you are considering implant dentures to replace your missing teeth.

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