Restorative Dentistry in Flint, MI

Repair your teeth with restorative dentistry from Chitra P. Naik, DMD, PLC.

If you’d like to renovate your smile, Dr. Naik and our team are here to lend a helping hand. Thanks to Dr. Naik’s comprehensive approach to restorative dentistry, we offer many different services to return form and function to your bite. Please call our office today to take the first step in renewing your appearance with the assistance of our restorative dentistry staff.

Our Restorative Dentistry

If you’re looking for a reliable way to replace teeth, Dr. Naik has a variety of restorative dentistry procedures to help. If you would like to permanently replace a missing tooth, our dental implants or crown and bridge therapy may offer viable solutions for your needs. A dental implant recreates a tooth root, and is fully restored with a realistic-looking dental crown. A bridge is composed of one to three artificial teeth, and is affixed to a patient’s smile with crowns. We can also measure restorative dentistry patients for dentures or partials as a conservative treatment option. To learn more about these services, feel free to call us today.

Dr. Naik can perform endodontic therapy when absolutely necessary. This is also known as a root canal, and is used to save as much of an infected tooth’s natural structure as possible. We’ll use this restorative dentistry technique to avoid an extraction, and improve your overall oral health. If you believe that you may have a tooth infection, call Chitra P. Naik, DMD, PLC immediately. It’s important to act swiftly to reduce your chance of losing the tooth.

Sometimes, extractions are unavoidable. Dr. Naik will carry out oral surgery to provide relief to restorative dentistry patients who require an extraction for their optimal oral health. We’re able to perform simple extractions, surgical extractions, and correct certain cases of impacted teeth at our Flint practice. Please call our restorative dentistry office today to arrange a consultation and learn if you would benefit from oral surgery.

Please call us today to schedule a restorative dentistry appointment. Dr. Naik sees restorative patients from all over Michigan, including those from Flint, Ortonville, Fenton, Flushing, Davison, and other close towns. If this will be your first visit to Dr. Naik’s office, take a moment to briefly review the information on our new patient page. We’re ready to assist you by using restorative dentistry to recover your bite.