Dental Implants in Flint, MI

Complete your smile with dental implant restorations from Chitra Naik, DMD, PLC.

When a tooth is lost, more than your smile is at stake. The other teeth on the gum line will shift inward to close the gap, which can result in troubles with alignment and oral hygiene difficulties. Additionally, the bone around the socket of the now-absent tooth will begin to deteriorate with nothing to support. To prevent this from happening, call Dr. Naik as soon as your need to replace your tooth. With dental implants, our Flint office is able to permanently replenish your smile.

We can recommend a trusted oral surgeon who is able to place a dental implant directly into the empty socket. Over time, the jaw bone and gums will fuse with the implant to create an artificial tooth root. Your new tooth will be secure from the gums up, allowing it to look and function like one of your original teeth.

You’ll come to our Flint practice after your mouth is fully healed to have your dental implant restored. Dr. Naik prefers to use all-porcelain crowns for her dental implant restoration patients to fully recover their smile and the function of their bites. The crown will be designed to match your existing teeth, so your artificial tooth shouldn’t be discernible from any others in your mouth. Our Flint team strives to create smiles that are stable, secure, and beautiful.

If you need to replace multiple teeth, Dr. Naik can use dental implants to anchor a bridge. A fixed bridge is a set of prosthetic teeth, and is used to complete a smile which has up to three missing teeth in a row. It’s normally attached to existing teeth, but if there aren’t viable teeth strong enough to maintain the position of a bridge, Dr. Naik may be able to use dental implants to substitute. Discuss this possibility during the planning stage of your dental implants treatment, and our Flint team will be happy to work with you.

Please call us today if you would like to schedule a dental implant restoration. Dr. Naik uses dental implant restoration to complete the smile of patients from Flint, Ortonville, Davison, Fenton, Flushing, and the surrounding Michigan communities. If this will be your first visit to Dr. Naik’s office, take a moment to briefly review the helpful information on our new patients page. Check out our full list of restorative services if you would like to learn how Dr. Naik can help repair your teeth.