Oral Surgery in Flint, MI

Dr. Naik provides relief with oral surgery.

To improve your overall oral health and the appearance of your smile, Dr. Chitra P. Naik can perform oral surgery. We’re able to carry out select oral surgery procedures in the comfort of our Flint office, and we’ll communicate with you to provide quality care during each part of your treatment. Call us today to schedule an oral surgery consultation at Dr. Naik’s office.

Oral surgery is only used after all other options have been considered. Dr. Naik will treat with oral surgery to improve and preserve the well-being of her patients. We thoroughly evaluate every patient in our Flint office before planning their oral surgery. Dr. Naik will work with you to make sure that you understand all of the necessary steps of your procedure.

Oral Surgery from Dr. Naik

  • Simple Extractions
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Select Impactions

Dr. Naik uses simple extractions to remove teeth which have been broken or which have been affected by decay. Baby teeth may also require a simple extraction if they never fell out and are preventing permanent teeth from coming in. We’ll numb the area before proceeding with your oral surgery, to add to your comfort. After Dr. Naik successfully extracts your tooth, our Flint team will provide you will after-care instructions to ensure that the health of your smile stays intact.

A surgical extraction is a more involved oral surgery. This may be necessary to remove a tooth which has been broken at the gum line, to remove an impacted tooth, or for other cases. An impacted tooth poses a risk for dental occlusion, or the way teeth fit together, and can be detrimental to your smile if left unattended. Dr. Naik will explain the intricate steps involved in your surgical extraction so that you fully understand the benefits of this oral surgery. We encourage all of our patients to ask anything regarding their oral surgery to fully understand your treatment.

Call us today to schedule an oral surgery consultation. Dr. Chitra P. Naik sees patients from all over Michigan for oral surgery, including those from Flint, Davison, Ortonville, Fenton, Flushing, and the surrounding areas. If this will be your initial visit to the practice, please take a moment to review the information on our new patients page. Dr. Naik and our team strive to provide relief with quality procedures for the oral health of our patients.