Dental Services in Flint, MI

See Dr. Chirta P. Naik for quality dental services.

You can keep the health of your gums and teeth intact with beneficial dental services from Chirta P. Naik, DMD, PLC.

Our Dental Services

Dr. Naik sees each of her patients at least twice a year for preventive dentistry care. These appointments help our Flint dental team ensure that there are no underlying health problems in your teeth or gums. You’ll also receive vital maintenance services to help prolong the life of your smile at these biannual exams, such as fluoride treatments and sealants. We will work with you to provide important dental education each time you’re in our office, and these important preventive dentistry services help Dr. Naik lay the foundation for your optimal dental health.

If you need help regaining the function of your bite, Dr. Naik has a variety of available restorative dentistry services. If you need to replace missing teeth, our practice regularly works with dental implants, crown and bridge, and dentures or partials patients from Flint and nearby Michigan towns to completely reconstruct their smile. After experiencing restorative dentistry services, you will be able to eat and drink like normal, and regain the confidence that is created by an intact mouth. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

When necessary, Dr. Naik will use our endodontics services to save an infected tooth from extraction. This procedure is also known as root canal therapy, and helps preserve the natural structure of an existing tooth. However, extractions are sometimes unavoidable, and Dr. Naik can perform this service along with other imperative oral surgery treatments when there are no other alternatives.

If you would like to enhance the appearance of a healthy smile, Dr. Naik can use a cosmetic dentistry service to create your ideal image. Whether you want to conceal a misshapen or chipped tooth with porcelain veneers or brighten your enamel with one of our teeth whitening services, Dr. Naik will be happy to help you plan your rejuvenated look.

Please call us today to schedule your appointment. Dr. Naik sees patients from Flint, Davison, Ortonville, Flushing, Fenton, and the surrounding Michigan communities. If this will be your first time at Dr. Naik’s office to receive any of our dental services, please take a moment to review the helpful information on our new patient page. We’re ready to help you improve your oral health.